That One Silly Little Guy Named Sammy

Heads Up: I will most likely delete this if I find a new carrd tut or anything, please be civil in chatbox and be respectful. I will not update this carrd unless my autism hyper-fixations goes insane, Uhm I don't respond to messages in cbox a lot so please msg me on discord or something else, If you don't like what u see just don't look at this carrd again pls and ty.

Update Logs 1. Created on 12/7/22 2. I updated about and rules 3. I went insane in chatbox 4. I change image for hover link.
Hi, I'm sam or sammy. I identify as pansexual and use any/neo pronouns! I am a autistic fictionkin female who is mixed. I am a tomboy and a hyperpop enthusiast!

Main Discord Steam

Sleeping, Days Off, Rythm games, My friends, Hot showers, Cute Stuff, Making carrds, True crime, 2000s Internet, Hyperpop Music, Anime, Writing, Plushies, Smuts.

School, Math, Cold showers, Homework, Waking Up in the morning, Slow internet, Lag, Drawing, Uncomfy Clothes, Hospitals, Few sports, Some Spicy food, Coding, Back pain.
I make kys/die jokes, I say slurs I can reclaim, I have anger issues, I unf/block randomly, I stay muted in vcs sometimes, I have autism + ADHD so please bare with me sometimes, I'm mentally ill, I'm very slow sometimes, I can be rude when I'm stressed, I can be passive aggressive (not on purpose), I don't always respond to messages, I talk a lot about my interests, I dont use tone tags often, I don't text first most of the time, I have a typing quirk, I use emoticons and emojis to express how I feel, I can be cringey sometimes, I take inspo (LMK If it bothers you), I fall asleep a lot during vcs.

Racist, __Phobic, Ableist, -13 +22 (Exceptions Made), Ex-friends, Pedophiles/Lolicons, Furry Haters, Toxic fans, Your in a poly relationship (Heavy), Copycats, Annoying and immature, You shit on me or others interests, Your associated with people on my blocklist, your on my blocklist, doubles, you vent without permission, you self-diagnose, you support problematic people, your against fictionkins/irls/dals, you don't support neopronouns, you are super political (a bit is fine), You force religion, You use shit from the past, you think people can't change for the better (depends).

Do not expect me to be online 24/7, I have school + Personal issues to take care of, do not expect me to get used to you in 1 day, If i hate you i will try to get along with you, don't be weird to me if we aren't close.